a collection of funny quotes from my lovely boys


I’ll work for 50cents…

Remus suddenly asked me today while on the bus journey back home…

“Mummy, how much is a bottle of glue?”

Around 70cents…

“70cents, that’s more than the 50cents that I have! I need 50cents more to make it $1. I need to get another 50cents”

So how you going to get your 50cents Remus?

“I’ll work for it…. “

You’ll work for 50cents??

He nodded with all seriousness of a 6 year old.

Where are you going to work Remus?

“I’ll work in a office. I’ll get 50cents and it will be $1!! Which is more than 70cents!” he said with a glint in his eyes…

hahahhaha… so who needs a worker in your office? He’ll work for 50cents :p

and oh.. btw… he’s officially 6 years old liao… old enough for office work?? :pĀ That’s the picture of him having a small celebration šŸ™‚


What happen when we die….from the point of a kid

Today on the bus, Remus asked me “Mommy, is the earth dying?”

“Yes, but it will be a long long time later…. and we will all die before the earth die” I said…

“Just like how the dinosaurs die?” Remus asked.

I nodded.

“What happen when we die?” Remus asked.

Not knowing how to answer, I remembered his favourite subjects and so I replied “We turned to bones.”

“What happened after that?” Remus persisted

“We turned into fossils” I sheepishly replied…

Remus pondered for a while before drilling me “what will happen to all the animals?”

“They will also die….” I wondered where will this lead us to…..

“then when the animals die, they will return back as dinosaur! ROARRRRR!!!” Remus roar with excitment….





“When the dinosaurs come back, I’ll wear my schoolbag, my jacket on the back, another jacket in the front, one hat, two hats, three hats as protective armour.Ā  So that I canĀ chase after the dinosaur, and when the dinosaur bites me, he’ll only bite my first hat off, and I’ll still have my second and third hat”




And that’s a dinosaur fan for you…



the things boys do……

“Mummy, I want to catch a lizard and put it in a box….. ” said Remus

Don’t you know that lizard’s tail will come off and wriggle into your nose and ears, so don’t try to catch a lizard, ok?

“I catch a lizard with my hands, my classmate break off the head and I break off the tail…..”

Is there alot of lizard in your school Remus? He nodded….and on and on he talked about his lizard…..

Then suddenly i asked him “Where is the lizard that you caught?” in half disbelief…..

“It’s in the school bag”

It’s in the SCHOOL BAG?? Can you show it to me?

He nodded and unzipped the side component of his school bag andĀ “pinched” out a dried up corpse of a baby lizard……


the type that is all dried up, tail and head intact, flatten and see-thru except for the head and the stomach…..yap…..

I asked him whether the baby lizard is dead when he found it and he nodded….

and here’s the 2nd part of the conversation:

“I’ll be a doctor to the lizard when I get home and cure him. I’ll bring him back to life so that he can go back toĀ his mummy lizard, his mummy miss him….”

…………….should I cry or should I laugh?? ……… :p

Dinosaur Roar

We were on the bus and playing with toyĀ cars when Remus say that Dinosaur is more powerful than cars.

“And when I roar like a dinosaur, everyone will be so afraid. I can’t roar now cos if I roar now, everyone will be frighten andĀ theĀ driverĀ will call the police cos they will think that the dinosaur is here. When the police come and when they can’t find the dinosaur, they will think that the driver is bluffing… So I can’t roar now”

Ok, so maybe you can roar at home? Remus nodded with a gleam in his eyes… and yes, I did make use of his dinosaur roar the next morning when I asked him to use his Dinosaur roar to wake up his Daddy, heheheĀ :p

Dinosaur Roar

You’re No 1, number one is you……

“Mummy…. this is from Hi5 song” said Remus

So I jokingly said “Remus you’re number two, cos KorKor is number 1 as he’s the eldest”

“No! I’m number 1, KorKor is numberĀ 2 cos numberĀ 2 is bigger than number 1. And when I’m number 2, Korkor is number 3.Ā  When I’m number 3, Korkor is number 4…….”

Be careful what you wish for Remus :p


Today is the first day that Ryan is wearing his spec…. and he decided to do a impromptu balancing on his head. His favourite books are balanced delicately :p

and Remus…. Remus he took the specs from his brother’s face and put it onto his own……

I told him not to and to look at me cos Mummy is not wearing specs too…. ….. …. and this is what he said

“Next time, when I’m older than everybody, bigger than daddy, mummy and korkor…. I’m going to wear those glasses!”

oh….. be careful of what you wish for Remus…. I’m sure that you’ll be granted your wish when you’re in your 60s and had to wear reading glasses…. heheheheheh…

Secret codes for Mother’s Day…

Last Friday, Ryan told me:

“Mummy, I have a MDC , a MDG1 and MDG2 for you. And you won’t be able to find them, cos I’ve hidden them at PC”


“All right, all right, I’ll tell you what it stands for. MDC is Mother’s Day Card. MDG1 is Mother’s Day Gift 1 and MDG2 is Mother’s Day Gift 2. But I’m not going to tell you where are they hidden……. You’ll never guess where is PC, WAHAHAHHAHAHA…..”

Secretly happy, I tried to appear cool as I guess what he meant

“hmmmm… isn’t PC referring to Personal Computer? No? Is it pink cabinet? Haha! I know, it’s Pillow Case!”

and I pretended to vie with him to be the first to be in the bedroom and started searching around the room… hahahhaha….

Of course I was not really serious in finding the MDC, MDG1 and the MD2 in the PC…. i’ll leave the sweet surprise for MD šŸ˜›

You can't catch me!

and what does PC stand for….. Plastic Cabinet……hehehehe..

and here’s the MDC drawn by Remus and the MDG by Ryan….

sweet MDC and MDG

“You must be a nice person…..

it’s ok to be lonely sometimes but you must be a nice person so that people will want to be with friends with you……”

“I want to be a nice person so that many people will come to my house, I like it when there’s many people in my house….”

Here’s a picture drawn by Remus to illustrate that “You must be a nice person”, it shows him and his brother holding hands…..

You must be a nice person

Heart and flower drawn by Remus and he placed on top of my laptop

Updated: On the heart shaped paper, he added his name onto the paper and as he puts it “Mummy, I put my name together with Mummy, if u miss me, just look at my name….” awww………

you belong to me…..

I can’t remember how the earlier part of the conversation goes (I’m getting old…..) but should be along the line of “fish belongs to the ocean”, “the dinosar belongs to the forest”…..

I asked Remus “Do you belong to me?”

He nodded his head….

I pushed my luck “What if you have girlfriend next time?”

“Girlfriend????? ha…..aiyayah!!…….. girlfriend??” said Remus

…… after a pause, he said “Ella is my girlfriend, cos she’s a girl and she likes me, and I like her, so she’s my girlfriend :p ”

“Marcus is my friend, Ella is my girlfriend, Dory is my Best friend…. ohhhhh….Dory’s so cute…. ”

(Dora is a plastic fish that he named after the character in Finding Nemo)


so in the end, Remus belongs to me… for the time being……

I’m not afraid of anything!

Sometimes we just need the fearless attitude of children if we want to pursue our dreams…..

Remus tells me “I’m not afraid of anything!”

“I’m not afraid of ghoster, monster, bats, dragons, nightmares, Loch Ness Monster, thunder and lightings. I’m not afraid of anything!”

Why are you not afraid of anything?

“Cos I’m brave! I’m not afraid of anything!”

Are you afraid of Mummy?

“Mummy, you’re not supposed to ask me that question. You’re supposed to ask me what am I afraid of….. And I will tell you that I’m not afraid of anything…….”



The same night, Remus woke up in the middle of the night and asked me to switch on the toliets lights for him cos he’s not tall enough to reach the switchs. He also asked me to accompany him back to his bedroom cos he’s afraid of the dark. I asked him “I thought you’re not afraid of anything?”

Remus said in a clear voice despite being 4am in the middle of the night “I’m not afraid of the monster but I’m afraid of the dark…..”

……………………………… … .. .

Fearless (even at 4 years old)